What You Need To Know About The Working Principles Of The Mobile Concrete Mixing Plants

The Mobile Concrete mixing plants are machines associated with extensive applications dedicated to smaller construction sites and a variety of different construction projects. There are many users that are not familiar with the operation principles that a mobile-concrete mixer plant can perform, along with safety and operational instructions. Below is a brief summary of 8 important operation principles for the mobile concrete mixer plants that customers are able to use as their reference:

1. The mobile-concrete mixer plant needs to be installed on a flat surface and the set-up position needs to be horizontal. Tires on these concrete mixer plants need to stand freely without any burdens or pressure placed on them.

2. Working devices on the mobile concrete-mixer plant must be in a good working condition and offer reliability, while the wire rope must meet up to the operational standards.

3. The minimum and maximum limits associated with the hopper must be normal and reliable, while the hopper insurance-hook must be in a good operational condition.

Mobile Concrete Mixing Plants

Working Principles Of The Mobile Concrete Mixing Plants

4. Protective covers over each of the transmission parts must be complete, while the operating-handle needs to come equipped with the necessary insurance devices.

5. The user of the mobile concrete-mixer plant need to block-up the areas that surround the hopper-pit, while all the line-connections need to be correct.

6. The indicator signal and the operating-table needs to be reliable and accurate.

7. The mobile concrete-mixer plant should be stored in a shelter that is protected from the elements, while the surrounding area of the mixer plant should be kept tidy, free from debris and clean.

8. The user of the concrete mixer plant should be paying close attention to any parts that are wearing down in the operation process on a daily basis. Timely and daily maintenance of the mobile concrete mixer plants are able to contribute to ensuring the machines performance as well as a way to avoid unnecessary or sudden accidents. Get more information of mobile concrete mixer plant from: http://aimixmachinery.ru/mobilnyy-betonnyy-zavod-tsena/.

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China concrete mixer plant

The Mobile Concrete Mixing Plants Are Categorized Into 4 Parts:

1) Aggregate feeding

2) Powder feeding which includes expanding agents, cement and fly ash

3) Water

4) The admixture dedicated to mixing these materials, storage and conveyance

Once the control-system of a mixer plant is connected to electricity, the system will start to process the initialization that includes the concrete slump, formula number, productivity and concrete grade. Each weighing hopper and silo is tested in association to the weighing system. The control system then signals the material amount prompting the operator to commence the program.

This is when a belt conveyor transmits the aggregates into a weighing hopper, while the valve for the cement tank and fly ash is open and a motor and screw conveyor transmits the materials into a weighing hopper. Admixture sump and water sump then flows into a weighing hopper. Once all these materials meet the specific amounts the weighing hopper door opens. These materials are then mixed in the mobile concrete-mixer plant. As soon as the setting time is completed, the loading door opens, where the concrete flows into the concrete-mixer truck. These processes are conducted with care as the concrete cannot segregate. Visit Aimix Machinery for more information of this machine.