The Types And Applications Of A Marine Drum Winch

As you look at the many different marine drum winches that are for sale for smaller boats, or even larger vessels, you may become confused as to which one will be best for you. These are typically used for anchors when you are out on the water, and can also be useful when docking to the shore. There are those that are manually operated, whereas others are completely electrically operated and driven. Here are the types and applications of the many different drum winches that are available for sale, ones that you might want to consider owning.

Why Would You Need A Winch

That people will use this mechanical device on their boat is for the purpose of angering themselves in place. This is typically done by letting out the line, upon which there is either an anchor, or some type of connecting device at the end for keeping the boat on a dock. If they are manually operated, there will be a crank, such as with a self-tailing winch that is often used on a sailboat. Combined with the gear assembly, and also with an electric motor if you are purchasing one of those, they are very useful for helping a boat stay in one place.

Marine single drum winch

Single Drum Marine Winch

How Does A Winch Actually Work

These actually work as a result of a spool, also called a drum, which rotates when operated with a crank. The crank can be moved clockwise or counterclockwise, and it can be manual or automatic. The spool, also referred to in some cases as a winch drum, can be quite large or small. The size of the spool, as well as the size of the motor, has a lot to do with whether you are using this on a boat or an industrial vessel. Some of them contain what is called a solenoid brake that is what slows the line down, and also helps keep the line from moving. There are also those that are mechanical which use a ratchet, instead of this braking system, which will work just as well. Marine drum winches can be driven by electric motor, hydraulic power or diesel engine as needed. No matter what kind of power mode you need, you can get the suitable winch from Ellsen, and please just visit this for details.

What Of The Applications Of A Marine Drum Winch

The main application for using these devices is similar to a capstan. There always has to be a way of angering a boat out on the water, and either of these devices will provide this function. If you are telling something behind your boat, such as a fellow boater that is stranded, it’s a great way to help someone out of a difficult position, or simply anchor yourself where you need to be.

Ellsen marine double drum winch

Double Drum Marine Winch

Can You Purchase These For Affordable Prices

If you are getting one for a sailboat, or a regular boat for fishing, these are very inexpensive. They cost no more than a couple hundred dollars, and depending upon the manufacturer, they can actually last for years or decades. What typically gets worn down are the bearings on the spool, and the line that is used. These can be easily fixed by simply replacing the ball bearings, as well as the line, and your winch will be as good as new.

That’s really all there is to operating one of these marine winches. They are designed to be practical and easy to use. After you have gotten used to the new one, if you are replacing an older model, you will have no problem using it in the same way. Just remember to check your existing winch from time to time to make sure that it is fully functional. If it is not, you can always find one that is for sale online that can be sent to your location and replace the one that you have for an affordable price.