The Benefits Of A Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

When you are working in construction and need the right construction equipment a trailer mounted concrete pump can come in handy. This type of pump mounts on a truck and it allows the concrete to travel right to the job site. Just back the truck in and you can deliver concrete easily where you need it the most. A trailer mounted concrete pump will save you time and money and make your job easier.

concrete trailer pump

concrete trailer pump

When you are getting ready to order your concrete pump you want to make sure that you buy a pump with the right hopper capacity. The hopper capacity is going to vary with each truck and you can easily find the size you need, but you need to know what the size is going to be before you order the truck.

This type of pump allows you to get the concrete right where you need it and you won’t have to spend money transporting the concrete. The concrete mixer with pump will mix the concrete on site and pour it wherever you need it. You can mix all the concrete that you need so you know that you are never going to run out and this method saves time and makes the concrete process easier to manage because you don’t have to deal with mixing the concrete somewhere else and possibly running out.

concrete pump

concrete pump

If you run out of concrete in the middle of a job you are going to have to stop and make more, and get it to the job site, but when you have a concrete trailer pump for sale, it is easy to get the concrete to where you need it since the pump is right at the job site. Having the freedom to drive the pump right to the site is a big help and it can make your job much easier and make work go faster.

trailer concrete pump

trailer concrete pump

You will find a diesel concrete pump for sale in a variety of construction situations and you can find the pumps with a variety of configurations. Make sure that your pump is the right size for the concrete you plan to pump and check to make sure that the pump has the features you need. You might want to choose a pump that has a robotic arm that places the concrete or has a tube that will transport the concrete where you need it.

A trailer mounted concrete pump is going to be easy to maintain and you won’t have to do a lot of work to keep it functioning. They are easy to clean and they are very reliable so you aren’t going to have to keep taking it to the shop to get it fixed. When you buy the concrete pump make sure you only buy it from a reliable manufacturer – AIMIX GROUP. You should also do some price shopping to make sure that you get the best price and that you end up with a truck that can handle all of the work.

Top Reasons To Get A New Concrete Mixer And Pump

Are you interested in finding a distributor for a concrete mixing pump? If you have a construction company, one that deals with concrete regularly, you may need to invest in a few more of these. If you haven’t located a reputable business to deal with, there are several in China that you may want to consider. They are also going to offer these at the lowest possible prices, helping you to make a wise decision that will save you money. To get a concrete mixer and pump for a very low price, one that will last for years, these tips will lead you to several in the Orient that you can work with on a regular basis.

good-quality concrete mixer pump

good-quality concrete mixer pump

What Purpose Will These Serve?

These units are going to be very beneficial for any company that is dealing with concrete regularly. For example, you might be interested in expanding your business into other cities or towns in your immediate area. To do so, you need to have a way of producing concrete at the job site, and also pump it to that spot where it needs to be used. This combination of a concrete mixer and pump makes this possible. Additionally, you may have a need for a backup. You may have one that’s a little bit older, but it is still functioning properly. You will want to get a new one from one of these businesses that is selling them for reasonable concrete mixer with pump price.

How To Know You Have Selected The Right Company

You will know that you have chosen the right company for a couple different reasons. First of all, they may have rave reviews on the web. Second, you may have heard of them through a client or colleague that you have been working with recently. Finally, once you get their products, and you use them, you can tell right away if they are producing quality equipment.

popular concrete pumping machine with mixer

popular concrete pumping machine with mixer

What Type Of A Concrete Mixer And Pump Should You Get?

The type that you get will depend upon the reason you are purchasing it. For example, if you do most of your jobs at a local job site, then these do not need to be portable. You can get a larger one which will produce more concrete and pump it where it needs to go. However, if you are doing more remote jobs, the mobile units would be the ones that you will want to focus on. Compare small concrete pump price when you see multiple companies selling them. Some of them are going to be virtually identical to all of the others. The difference is going to be the reputation of the company that you are buying it from, plus the prices that they are offered at when you make the purchase.

concrete mixer pump

concrete mixer pump

After receiving these, and testing them out, you should know immediately if you have made a wise investment or not. You can start to use them either on a job site that you are currently on, or you may want to take on more jobs that are out of the area. Either way, it will be very easy for you to sell more of your services when you have an additional portable concrete mixer with pump   that you can use.

The Importance of A Diesel Concrete Pump In A Construction Site

So you have signed up another client for your construction company. This time you are no longer constructing a house down the suburbs but an actual 12 – story building! Congratulations!

But wait. Even before you think about the equipment, like a diesel concrete pump (дизельный бетонный насос), tools, and trucks you need in order to complete the construction project you won overbidding, you should think about this first: do you have the needed number of people? If not, you should go call a manpower service company and have construction professionals sign up for your project. If you have regular construction workers working for your company, good for you. That also shows that you are taking good care of your people.

So you already took care of the manpower you need. Now you are thinking do I have all the tools and equipment needed to construct a mid-rise building? You take inventory of the things you have and compare it to your list of the things you need to be successful in your project.

Diesel concrete pump

Diesel concrete pump 50 m3/h

The most important tools and equipment to construct a building successfully and on-time, usually include a concrete mixer  A concrete mixer, basing from the name, mixes raw ingredients of sand, gravel, water, and other alternative ingredients, to automatically create concrete. A concrete mixer avoids the manual labor needed to mix concrete – which is very hard by the way as it requires a lot of time and energy to produce concrete. A concrete mixer is a machine that automatically and quickly produces a certain amount of cement.

Another important equipment needed for construction is a concrete pump. A concrete pump allows for the flow and transportation of concrete needed on a certain area of the construction site. When you are still constructing on the ground level, transporting concrete from the concrete mixer is easy. It just requires a person who can carry the concrete or a hose that can transport the mixture from the mixer to where it is needed. However, the case is different when you are already working several levels high above the ground where the mixer is. You cannot simply expect your men to carry the concrete from the ground floor up to the seventh floor – that’s inhumane! Click here to know more about diesel concrete pumps:

Diesel concrete pump for sale

Diesel concrete pump 90 m3/h for sale

A concrete pump solves this problem. It supplies the needed concrete anywhere around the construction site using a pump and a set of connected hose and pipes to successfully reach high and hard to reach areas. The pump is powered electrically or by a motor powered by diesel. Now, choosing which kind of concrete pump depends on your budget and needs. A diesel concrete pump has been known to have high efficiency and reliable performance compared to an electric concrete pump. Just think about it, electric concrete pumps rely on electricity to work, whereas a diesel concrete pump needs only diesel in order to operate. You can ask a manufacturer (производитель бетононасосов) about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a diesel concrete pump so you are able to make a more informed decision before purchasing.

The Advantages Of Hot Asphalt Mixing Plants

The use of Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) offers an efficient, economical and fast construction process along with unsurpassed versatility. When rehabilitation is a requirement, it can be achieved with speed with very little user delay. The asphalt pavements offer the best advantage for all types of project conditions. Here are some of the top benefits of using hot mix plant for sale.


The FHA (Federal Highway Administration) shows that each dollar that is spent on the asphalt pavements goes around 26.9% further that each dollar that is spent on the concrete pavements. Asphalt has been recognized as a more cost-effective choice because it is able to be constructed in the form of a “Perpetual Pavement”, which results in lower user costs.


hot asphalt mix plant

hot asphalt mix plant


One of the main benefits of Hot-Mix Asphalt is that is able to be recycled completely. The aggregates can be reused as well as the asphalt binders that maintain their adhesive properties, which can also be used in the next HMA mix. The pavements that have been recycled in the conventional mini hot mix asphalt plant, require minimal modifications. In addition, the recycled pavements when tested in a laboratory and out in the field have gone onto prove themselves to be perform just as well as the virgin-aggregate mixes.

The hot asphalt mixing plants based in Minnesota are capable of making use of RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement). The HMA pavements are all 100% recyclable and are in fact a product that is the most recycled in the U.S. This technology is in existence to minimize the net “foreign oil” dependency by making use of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) shingles as well as synthetic binders.

asphalt plant for sale

asphalt plant for sale

The Ease Of Construction

Since the hot asphalt mixing plant machine is placed, the time-consuming task of form work along with steel reinforcement have been eliminated. Once placed, traffic is able to use the pavements just about immediately as no delays are needed to allow the materials to cure. In addition, when repairing roads, the asphalt surfaces are much easier and faster to complete, as there is just about no downtime required having to wait for a patch to cure. Learn more thing on the website:

What You Need To Know About Hot Asphalt Mixing Plants

The continuous mixing plants are ideal for the plants that have specific projects that don’t require frequent changes in the mix. In comparison to the batch plants that are able to change the mixes a lot easier. The continuous mixing plants are named this way because if 1-part stops working, everything will stop.

With the portable hot mix asphalt plant for sale, the virgin aggregate that comes from a cold-feed bin will be fed to a conveyor-belt by volume or weight according to the gradation of the mix design. The aggregate mix then goes up the cold feed conveyor or elevator and enters the “counter-flow” drum mixer.

As the virgin-aggregate moves from one side of the drum to the other it heats up. Air that blasts through this drum blows and picks up fine dust of the aggregates. This dust is caught in a baghouse. At the far side of this drum the RAP enters the drum and is heated up by the virgin, super-hot aggregate. They mix together and land up in a HMA storage or silo where it is distributed to trucks.

Understanding The Different Types of Coal Crusher And Their Applications

If you are curious to learn more about coal crushers, including the different types of coal crusher that exist and the various applications that they can be used for, then this guide is just the thing you’ve been looking for.

In particular, we’re going to highlight a few of the different types of coal crusher machine that are available on the market these days, and you will also learn a great deal more about the many different uses they can have within the mining, construction, and demolition industries.

coal crusher

coal crusher

Firstly, it’s safe to say there are many different designs available when it comes to crushers, so let’s take a closer look at a few of the different options available.  More about Aimix Group.

The most well-known is the jaw crusher, which uses compressive force to crush a variety of items, such as coal, using the power of two pressure plates that crumble rocks easily and break them down into smaller pieces, and ultimately into dust. To get a better understanding of how these machines work, they operate using the nutcracker principle, and the crushing chamber will make light work of practically any form of coal that you’re trying to break up.

Another form of crusher that uses a similar design but is slightly different in nature is the mobile screening plant for sale, and these are often seen within the mining industry as they are excellent for sifting down small items into even smaller ones.

Yet another type of crusher is the hydraulic cone crusher, which uses a simple single cylinder design to hammer and crush pieces into smaller items, and they generally do a very good job of it. Furthermore, this design can also use multi-cylinders to increase the productivity and workload they can provide.

Impact crushers are another common form of crushing advice, and as the name suggests, they use a forceful impact to crush material and pulverize it down to size. Furthermore, these types of crusher are available with either vertical or horizontal shafts, both of which perform very well at their given tasks.

Within the mining industry, it’s common to see something known as a mineral sizer, which essentially uses rotors and large teeth to grind items down into smaller components using a very high torque engine and drive system. These machines do more than crushing, as they also have a useful sieving and screening effect as well. Learn more about crusher machine price.

But when it comes to the kind of crushing you’re likely to see in the construction yard, the crusher bucket is perhaps the most commonly observed. The crusher bucket is usually a simple attachment that’s put onto hydraulic excavators, and by using two powerful crushing jaws, it can make light work of practically anything you throw at it, including coal.

At the end of the day, it clear to see that there are several different forms of crusher on the market, several of which are perfectly fine for the crushing of coal and similar materials. Now that you’ve read this guide, you should have a better idea of the many different applications that the crusher machine can cope with.

Features of Self-Loading Concrete Mixers

Self-loading concrete mixer truck stands alone machines that can complete any concrete mixing task with one person operating the machine. It is an all terrain machine which maneuvers well off the highway for use in multiple construction sites, including urban infrastructure, residential and commercial buildings, canals, industrial structures and a variety of closed applications. The mixers achieve various functions where they can self-load the concrete ingredients, mix them up, transport them to the ideal location and discharge the mixture where it is needed. Here are some amazing features of self-loading concrete mixers that make them function efficiently and effectively.

self loading concrete mixer
• Four wheel drive system- it provides a high traction system that allows the machine to work well even in the softest clay conditions.
• Hydraulic driven drum- this offers high rotation to deliver an excellent mixing operation. The machine can lift the drum so that it can discharge the mixture fast in an efficient manner once it is ready. Among the features of self-loading mobile concrete mixers for sale is a metal bucket that is used to load the drum with all the necessary ingredients.
• A joystick- the machines come with a single joystick that is used to control the loading as well as unloading of the bucket. It promotes smooth operation
• Axles- the machines have heavy duty full floating axles. The front axle floats at an angle of six degrees while the rear axles are fixed. The self-bearing axles and an outboard planetary reduction are also provided at the hubs of the wheels.
• Swivelable operator post- it is part of the features of self-loading concrete mixers for complete visibility when driving, the driver post can swivel up to 180 degrees. Additionally, the operator can also face the side that is loading during weight batching and discharging process.
• Steering- the steering is a fully powered hydraulic type with three-way steering systems, i.e. two wheel steering, three wheel steering, and Crab steering that allows the operator to maneuver through narrow spaces. You can learn more at this page:
• Water Unit- features of self-loading concrete mixers also include an on-board water system. It comes with an electronic meter to control the intake of water and provide high accuracy. This also features a self-priming pump that is used to draw water from an external source or to the mixer drum directly.

• Electronic weigh batching- the machines are not complete without a high accuracy, and microprocessor electronic weigh batching system. The machine can weigh and batch up to eight different aggregates in both subtraction and addition mode.
Ergonomic controls- these are also part of the features of self-loading concrete mixers. Operators use the electro-hydraulic switches for travel, levers to change gears, drum rotation, loading arm lift, and the joystick are located conveniently for ease of operation.
Working principle of these mixers is not complicated because cement is placed manually in the bucket of the mixer, water is then added to the drum. The machine goes ahead to collect sand and aggregates trough its sophisticated bucket loading operation. The mixer mixes everything before discharging it for use. If you are interested in this concrete mixer, you can learn more at this website:

Drum Concrete Mixer and Its Development Process

The construction sites where large volumes of construction material are produced use innovative drum mixers. These drum concrete mixers are fairly huge and feature high production speeds which enable them to dominate the ready mixed market. Thus, this reversing drum concrete mixer and its development process are picture-perfect for slump concrete or when the cost of overall production is significant. Moreover, drum mixers are low maintenance and highly effective way of concrete mixing. Their efficiency is enhanced because of the incorporated mixing style which is based on three mixers. Depending on the particular strength and incompetence of all the three mixers, they are integrated in varying degree all across the world. These mixers are also known as ‘gratify mixer’ or ‘free fall mixer’.

What Are The Development Process of Drum Concrete Mixer?
These innovative mixers have fixed blades integrated inside the rotating drum where concrete is mixed by raising the ingredients. These blades overcome the resistive friction between the blades and mixture and again drop the material. The direction of rotation can be changed and the mixer can be opened or tipped up for emptying or filling the mixture inside. It has a specific rotation speed which must be according to the instructions to prevent any interruption in the actual free fall of the concrete because of the centrifugal force. The concrete mixers china can mix very quickly.

drum concrete mixer for sale

Too stiff concretes are not well-suited to this drum and therefore it is recommended to use a slump of up to 50 mm. Some attrition of aggregates is found in the mixer because of its free falling from a height. The development process of drum concrete mixer is basically made possible because of its three forms:

Tilting Mixers:
Depending on its small to medium size, these tilting mixers can be either trailer-mounted or portable. Usually, small construction sites use these types of mixers as main mixing equipment whereas big concrete plant involves them as ancillary equipment. Two axes are amalgamated in the mixer where one of the axes is used for rotating the drum and other is simply for switching between the loading and mixing position of the drum. Tilt mixer is one of the most essential components of the development process of drum concrete mixer. It provides consistent mixing in small batches. The singleshaft mixer of our factory also has enjoyed a good reputation.

Reversible Mixers:
The reversible mixer is a lot like tilting mixer except the fact that it uses the same opening for adding constituents and discharging aggregate. It rotates on a single horizontal axis and rotates in uniform direction when it is in mixing position. But the rotation is reversed when it is supposed to discharge. They are also equipped with water tank and meter with an in-built aggregates batcher. We are the best one of twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers.

Non-tilting Mixers:
In this type of mixer, the axis of rotation is always horizontal and a chute is inserted for discharging the aggregate. It can also be achieved by rotating the direction of the drum. It offers a slow rate of discharge which may result in some segregation. It has two separate openings for feeding and discharging the concrete mixture. You can visit our website:

These styles of mixers are immensely important in the development process of drum concrete mixer.

Finding An Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale ?

If you are thinking of investing in an asphalt mixing plant, then there has never been a better time. In fact, finding reliable asphalt mixing plant suppliers shouldn’t be too difficult if you are in contact with the right people, and they can certainly give you a great return if you need a large quantity of asphalt.

In this guide, you are going to learn more about the key features offered by china asphalt plants, and we will also give you some pointers on where to buy one. Bearing this in mind, let’t explore further.

asphalt mixing plants for sale

What is an asphalt mixing plant?

In general, these plants are built with the purpose of manufacturing asphalt that will most commonly used for coating road surfaces.

The primary purpose of the asphalt batch mixing plants for sale will be to manufacture quality asphalt quickly and efficiently, usually by binding ingredients such as sand, bitumen, and possibly tar (although tar is no longer a favorite in most cases).

Interestingly, many modern asphalt mixing plants are focusing on using recycled materials usually found from old pavement material. This may introduce new technological requirements to the plant, but also it allows you to make asphalt in a cleaner, environmentally friendly way. These days, many countries even have rules regarding how much recycled material needs to be present in any new asphalt made.

Choosing your asphalt mixing plant

There is a variety of different plants available, each using different technology and having different output. The three primary classes of mixing plant you could choose from include a semi-continuous plant, a continuous plant, or a batch heater.

If you are a tighter budget, then choosing a batch heater plant is usually the best option. These plants are more affordable, although it does suffer from the fact that it has a lower overall throughput. As you may expect, the continuous plant has the biggest output, which can often reach up to quantities of 500 tons of asphalt each hour. Of course, this is reserved for heavy industrial use and may not be needed for your operation.

Where to buy mobile asphalt plants for sale?

Getting in touch with a quality supplier of mixing plants is an important step to owning one, so it is important to take the time to perform careful research before you commit to any specific plant.

Most of the big suppliers can give you any kind of mixing plant you need, whether that is a stationary drum plant, stationery batch plant, or even a plant that specializes in using recycled materials.

Additionally, some manufacturers can give you plants that are even fully portable, which is certainly advantageous in certain industries. Some of the most well-known plant technologies are constructed by brands such as Voyager, Nomad, Sixpack, M-pack, and more. In general, these are good names to look out for during your search.


Overall, investing in quality china asphalt drum plants are a great decision if you are going to need a great deal of asphalt for virtually any purpose.

These days, there are many different manufacturers available, so choosing one that suits your needs can take some time ?but you are sure to find something that can provide all of the asphalt you will ever need.

If you keep these tips in mind, finding a quality asphalt mixing plant for sale shouldn’t be too difficult.

Various Advantages Of Using Trailer Concrete Pump

Thanks to the advances in technology, more construction companies these days are using concrete mixer with pump china to deliver liquid concrete as compared to various other methods of transferring concrete. A number of different types of concrete pumps have been developed over the past few decades and these pumps have made transferring concrete a lot easier as compared to the manual transfer of concrete. There are a number of advantages of pumping concrete as compared to using a crane or manual transfer of concrete.

One of the biggest advantages is that it allows a much bigger amount of concrete to be placed per hour. In simple terms, pumping concrete helps in increasing efficiency and productivity. For instance, a medium-sized pump can pump 50 cubic meter of concrete in an hour as compared to the 12 cubic meter of concrete delivered by a crane, and learn more about trailer concrete pumps here:

trailer mounted concrete pump china

Another advantage of these concrete pumps is that they can deliver concrete at a constant rate as compared to the varying  rate of delivery while using cranes and other traditional methods. People who are responsible for placing the concrete do not need to wait for the next batch to arrive when they are using concrete pumps.

One of the more popular equipment used today in the construction industry is a trailer concrete pump. As the name suggests, a trailer concrete pump is a concrete pump mounted on a trailer. There are a number of advantages of using a trailer mounted concrete pump. One of the biggest advantages is that it offers a lot of flexibility as you can use various amounts and types of hoses to get into areas where it’s not easy to pump concrete with other methods.

These pumps are perfect for jobs where it does not make sense to take a boom pump controlled by a robotic arm but jobs that still require the precision delivered by a concrete pumping machine. The flexibility of this trailer mounted pump makes it perfect for all kinds of construction jobs whether in suburbs or downtown areas.

For instance, if you want to lay concrete for a sidewalk, you can either premix the concrete and use a wheelbarrow to transport it to the location or you can connect the required hoses to the trailer mounted concrete pump to deliver concrete. Concrete pumps not only make it easy but also more efficient, and read more:

One of the other big advantages of using a trailer mounted pump is that it allows you to easily change the hoses. For instance, if four different hoses are attached to the pump and there is a clog in one of the hoses, you just need to find out the hose that has been clogged and replace it. You do not need to wait and stop the work for repairs. The only thing you need to do is to replace the removable hose and get on with the work.

These are some of the biggest advantages of using a trailer mounted concrete pump china. Overall, these are best choice for mid-sized jobs where you need small to moderate amount of concrete.

All You Need To Know About Reversible Drum Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixing is seen as one of the most vital parts of a developmental project. There have been many developers that have had lots of troubles in the past due to the fact that they did not properly manage the concrete demand of a particular project. When it comes to many different developments, it is important to note that the foundations of the development is absolutely forefront in dictating the overall outcome. This means that if the foundations that are put in place on a project are not satisfactory, it could lead to very costly consequences. Hence, this article will show you everything you need to know about properly handling self-reverse concrete drum mixer.

cement drum mixer

When it comes to drum mixers, the reversible mixers add a whole new level of productivity and opportunity to the development. This is because these reversible mixers produced by different concrete mixer suppliers often come with a wide range of different features that are not found on conventional drum mixers. Indeed, this means that utilizing such a mixer may be a great tactic a developer can take to ensure that productivity is maximized and any kind of goals are met very easily, and you can find cheap and good reversible drum concrete mixer in here: With that being said, getting a reversible drum concrete mixer comes with a much higher cost than a regular mixer. Furthermore, getting such a concrete mixer without proper budgeting can cause many problems down the line.

What needs to be established first when dealing with such a mixer is whether or not it is necessary or not. It is true that all the great features that come with a portable concrete mixer with drum are very attractive. However, for the extra cost, it may not be viable when compared with a regular concrete mixer. Hence, there should be a discussion in amongst the developers, managers and any kind of head engineers and technicians of a development to properly ascertain the need of such a piece of equipment. It would shock many developers to hear how much money is wasted in unnecessary equipment on the average project in America. Hence, every step should be taken first and foremost to reduce costs of equipment and ensure that the reversible concrete mixer is indeed necessary for the job.

The right reversible mixer also needs to be bought. Due to the wide range of different features and models that are available on such a mixer, the right small or big cement mixer should be purchased or rented for the job. By not being able to get the right mixer, severe consequences to the budgeting of the project will occur. Hence, once more, there should be proper discussion into what kind of model, with what kind of specific features, should be used for the project. The extra effort in discussing something such as this will affect the entire development in an immensely positive way. Everything from the financial to the management aspect of the project will be benefited greatly.

Thus, this article has outlined all you need to know about reversible drum concrete mixers. If you wish to learn more about this type of mixer, don’t be afraid to ask other developers and engineers in your area.